Supreme Magistrates Court Project

Location: Brisbane | Client: Supreme Magistrates Court

 Project standards and specialist solutions:

  • National Construction Code of Australia
  • AS1428 Disabled Access
  • AS2688 Timber Doors
  • AS1909 Installation of Timber Door sets
  • AS1905.1 Fire-Resistant Door sets
  • AS1530.4 Test of Elements for Fire-Resistant Door sets
  • Environment specific aspects seeking solution
    • World-class facility demonstrating high-end door & frame construction
    • High level public use
    • Required Disabled Access consideration
    • Specific wet-glazed systems for glazed elements of door sets
    • Acoustic requirements to door sets

Customer needs:

  • High Durability Construction
  • Fire-resistant door sets as required


  • Consultative architectural specification process with Main Contractor and Spence Doors
  • Accurate and detailed tender submission and qualification via Spence Doors
  • Spence Doors Profiling Service © for electronic capture of installed frame reveals, hinging and hardware preparations

Doors with the difference:

  • ISO4801-2001 OHS Management Systems
  • ISO9001-2008 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO14001-2004 Environmental Management Systems
  • Requirements met for low VOC or volatile organic compounds offering E1 or E0 levels and re-cycled waste materials during construction
  • Spence Doors Profiling Service © for pin-point accuracy of pre-size, pre-shape and pre-prep for door hardware, via state-of-the-art electronic door frame mapping, and in-house door cut, shape and finish via state-of-the-art factory machinery
  • Experienced and licensed Project Managers, Technicians, Contractors and Certifiers appointed to guarantee the required solution and outcome
  • Professionally finished, safe and functional door solutions to suit bespoke application
  • Door sets that will stand the test of time and provide the functionality as intended