We warrant that Spence products and components manufactured and supplied by us are designed in accordance with Australian Standards for the products specified use or as published on our website. We warrant that our products and their components will be free from defects in materials and workmanship and if at any time for a period of two years after the sale of the product, a product or its components fails, we at our sole discretion will:

  • replace the defective components, or
  • supply equivalent replacement components, or
  • repair the defective components, or pay the costs of repairing those components.

However, we shall not be liable for any unusual, subsequent, direct or indirect damage, loss, injury or harm suffered as a consequence of any defect, as permissible by law.

This Warranty may be revoked by Spence where:

  • installation of the product is not materially in accordance with our recommended installation specifications, as published at the date of this Warranty, or
  • our internal product is installed in internal locations exposed to moisture or corrosive materials, or
  • if our internal product is installed in external locations.

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