Warranty Outline - Spence Steel Door Frames

Steel door frames manufactured from Zincanneal steel – grade Z100, pre-primed using Zinc Phosphate primer; and Galvabond steel – grade Z275, primed using Super-etch Primer and then Zinc Phosphate primer (2-stage process); are inclusive of 5 year warranty period, conditional to the following preclusions.

  • Frames are not to be stored in areas exposed to (medium to high) level of moisture, prior to and after installation. Frames are required to be stored under-cover at all times; and not in contact with water (eg: pooling of rain run-off that may be present on concrete slabs / timber floors, against wet walls, etc). 
    Note: areas in close proximity to saltwater bodies should be considered for grade of steel and coating(s) to a higher level; to better off-set corrosive effects consequential to such environments.
  • Frames to be re-primed / second coat primed (prior to top-coat painting) as required, to ensure proper and adequate sealing and adhesion of top-coat painting (factory pre-priming is for initial protection post manufacture through to on-site delivery, only). This should include a pre-clean of the frame, prior to second prime-coat, to ensure any residue that may have accumulated (including, but not limited to salt, grease/oil, other contaminants), is first removed, before additional coats are applied.
  • Frames are properly and adequately sealed / painted (and re-primed as required - see above), within a reasonable length of time after delivery, as primers are porous and moisture ingress will carry through to the (frame) substrate if left un-sealed for too long – the speed at which this occurs is dependent on the immediate environment surrounding the frame; and further that this is maintained thoroughly and regularly, at intervals appropriate to the buildings and location, exposure and level of ‘wear and tear’ of doorsets - level of frequency of this aspect (re-coating) will vary according to environment and exposure, particular to individual projects.
  • Frames are to be plumb, square and stiles parallel (not in wind); and properly and adequately fixed off, as solid to the wall with no movement; and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions (and parameters of tested prototype models for fire-rated doorsets). For the purposes of warranty the proper and adequate fixing is required, to ensure no excess and detrimental torsion stress is incurred to any frame that may affect its stability and performance – this includes the fixing points to the head and stiles, as required; and also the ramset plates at the base of the stiles, which are required as fixed to the substrate.
  • Frames, when fire-rated and required as compliant to AS1530.4 2005 onward, and therefore backfilled (with approved mediums); are required to be confirmed as adequately set / dry and not remaining with excess moisture that can occur with wet-fill mediums - such materials, if / when retaining levels of moisture detrimental to the frame through corrosion; will affect the warranty of the frame(s). 
    Note: Spence Dry-fill solution for frame back-filling; will negate any such warranty issue, and is the recommended method for highest level of warranty.
  • Hinges fixed to frames (when supplied / fitted by others) are to be of the proper type and strength to suit the application.

    Manufacturers recommendations in regard to hinge quantity, subject to doorset dimensions and or door weight; are to be followed – this to ensure warranty against excess and detrimental torsion stress incurred to any frame, that may affect frame stability and performance.

    Hinges are to be cleaned, maintained and replaced where necessary, to ensure they remain free-moving; and to ensure against excess and detrimental stress to the frame(s)
  • Frames are absent of damage incurred post installation (damage may remove coatings that protect the frames from corrosion, which will affect ongoing warranty). This includes also, frames that may have been damaged prior to installation but installed anyway.
  • Frames are cleaned and checked for damage; and that this is maintained thoroughly and regularly, at intervals appropriate to the building and location - level of frequency of this aspect will vary according to environment and exposure, particular to individual projects.
  • Frames modified by others (post-delivery / post-installation), may affect ongoing warranty, in respect to all of the abovementioned conditions.
  • Spence doors must be notified of any defects or incorrectness of the frame(s) prior to installation – works pertaining to the removal and or re-fitting of a frame (and or door leaf and hardware),or re-finishing of the frame, door leaf / leaves, and surround walls and floors; are not covered by this warranty.