Flush Panel Doors

Spence manufacture a range of both Solid Core and Hollow Core Flush Panel Doors to meet a wide variety of applications, both internal and external. Balanced in construction, these doors feature two matched plain face panels which entirely conceal the inner structure with continuous bonding between the faces and core.

Openings for glass panels of all shapes and sizes, including porthole, semicircular, triangular and polyonich, can be incorporated in any Spence Flush Panel Door. In addition, preparations for specialised hardware such as relief air grille registers, concealed door closers, acoustic seals, electronic strikers and double action pivoting systems can be made to suit your needs.

Edge cover strips can be fitted to provide protection against buffeting, and may be either butt or mitre joined at the corners. For external applications, these strips are usually fixed to all edges to prevent the core becoming exposed to the elements. We recommend highly exposed doors be faced with metal sheeting to both faces.

Spence Flush Panel Doors are manufactured stress free to avoid warping and faced on both sides with matching panels to ensure balanced construction.

A wide selection of facings are available for both internal and external applications. Depending on performance requirements, the thickness of the face sheet can range from 3mm up to 12mm, with thicker faces providing a flatter, more robust door with superior acoustic properties.