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Spence manufacture a range of Timber Windows, they includes:

SLIDING WINDOWS - Spence sliding widows run on bottom mounted stainless steel rollers and are fitted with concealed aluminium interlockers for security and weather resistance. Sliding windows can be manufactured as single sash slide configurations or multiple sash slide configurations. Large viewing areas combined with excellent weatherproofing and ease of insect screening make sliding windows a popular choice of window. Available key locked if required.

Timber Windows



DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW - Spence manufacture traditional double hung windows with the same values as yesteryear combining modern manufacture techniques and hardware to produce a window which is timeless. Double hung windows are as popular in renovated colonial homes as they are in modern homes. Designs can vary with the use of glazing bars and glass types. For warmer climates, double hung widows offer great air flow through your home as both the top sash and bottom sash can be opened. Available key locked if required

CASEMENT WINDOW - Casement windows can be custom manufactured to suit a size that suits you. The designs of casements vary so we can work with you to produce a window that's suits your perfectly. Mounted on stainless steel friction stays as standard, casement windows open to the side similar to the way a door swings however the friction stay will keep the sash in the open position you desire. Available in all popular joinery timbers, and a vast array of combinations. Available key locked if required.

AWNING WINDOW - Spence awning windows or hopper windows are also mounted on stainless steel friction stays and are hinged at the top of the window, allowing the bottom of the sash to open out. Larger variations of awning windows can be hinged at the top and be opened by the use of stainless steel gas struts. Known in the industry as gas strut awnings, these windows are the perfect solution for kitchen servery areas were are large sash can be opened out with little effort. Available key locked if required.

LOUVRED WINDOWS - These types of windows offer arguably the maximum amount of air flow through you home. The benefits of louvre windows owes to the fact that they are adjustable and can be operated to vary the air flow - even during rainy weather. The gallery sets can take either glass or timber blades and have a maximum span of 900mm for 152mm glass blades, 900mm for 102mm timber and 750mm for 102mm glass based on N3 regions. Available key locked if required.

BI-FOLDING WINDOW - The appeal of bi-fold windows is instant as you can open a large area with little or no effort. The perfect solution for kitchen serveries or any area you wish to maximise your view. Spence bi-fold windows run on Centor Architectural hardware, a market leader in the bi¬fold and sliding window/door hardware market. A tremendous seal system means that when closed a Spence bi-fold window will block out the worst of weather. New innovations from Centor mean that bi-folds are also easily screened against insects. Available with key locked dropbolts if required.

SASHLESS WINDOW - Spence manufacture a range of sashless windows as double hung or horizontal sliding. With sashless windows you have a maximum glass area with no obstructive timber members, the typical sashless double hung operates when the top sash is counter balanced with the bottom sash. This means that when the lower sash is lifted, the upper sash opens downwards. Sashless windows can have upper or lower sashes fixed closed permanently if required also. Available locked if required.

ARCHITECTURAL SILICONE JOINED WINDOW - With skilled trades people on hand, Spence have overcome the most complicated windows architects have drawn. The end result offers an unrestrictive view. Spence manufacture these windows to templates taken directly from site, so a perfect fit is guaranteed.

CIRCULAR WINDOWS - As with silicone joined windows, Spence have skilled trades people and cutting edge machinery on hand to manufacture circular windows. For something that little bit out of the ordinary a circular can give that wow factor.